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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Cool Blog!

PASIC (the Published Authors Special Interest Chapter) has started a blog! It's called 2 B Read and features posts from a slew of authors. It's just getting started, so it will continue to evolve and grow, but stop over and check it out. There are already a lot of posts.

Yesterday was a frustrating day. I worked really hard writing, and ended up with little production to show for it. I had a scene that really needed the motivation beefed up before the character's decision made sense. It added a grand total of one page, but took a lot longer to write than one page normally would.

Then there was the scene from hell. Sigh. I hate writing fight scenes. I had half of it written already, but the half I had left was the tough stuff--which was why I'd skipped ahead. It took me HOURS to finish the damn thing. I still think I might have to do some more work on it, but the bulk of it is down--finally. And I'm not planning on doing another one of those damn things until the climax of the book. I just loathe writing them, they're even harder than love scenes, which are also time consuming for me.

So, while I'm trying to choreograph this stupid fight, I cleaned. My bedroom had gotten out of control while I was laid up after surgery and I couldn't stand it any longer. Things look much better now and I'm happier. Not as happy as I could be since I only did the two worst surfaces, but there was a lot of crap piled on them that is now gone! Hurrah!

And I no longer have to give the MN weather report every morning. Weather Underground has little weather gizmos that can be loaded on a website and I loaded one onto the sidebar of my blog, right below the links. So now you'll always know the weather in the Twin Cities and the time the report was made. :-) Bet you're thrilled, yes? Where else but my blog can you find excitement like this?