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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, All!

Halloween is actually one of my favorite holidays. I like the idea of dressing up as something or someone different and just having fun. This isn't one of those days where you have to make a pilgrimage to a huge family get together, or where you have to worry about a whole lot of decorating and whatnot. Makes it relatively stressfree.

This GIF is one of the few Halloween images I have, and I'm not quite sure where I found it. Dancing Drac seems somehow appropriate for the holiday, yes?

Had a great writing day yesterday. I did 13 or 14 pages which is a lot for me. I could have pushed through to the end of the chapter, but the upcoming scene is a very important one and I didn't want to do it while I was brain dead. I should finish it today, then I can move on to the next. I'm in my favorite part of the book right now.

Actually, my favorite part of the book to write is the beginning. I love setting things up and getting to know the characters. Unfortunately, though, that horrid middle is waiting just off the map. So writing the ending chapters is my favorite part because there is no icky part waiting when they're done. Revision, while not a barrel of laughs, is much easier than the middle. Much easier.

Yikes! Supposed to rain much of this week. I hope the house crew gets a lot done on the nice days. I wonder what it does to the house when it rains and there's no roof on it yet?