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Saturday, October 29, 2005

House Report

I realized I haven't talked about the house since construction got underway. Maybe it's because it doesn't feel entirely real yet. Shrug.

Anyway, they broke ground last week, and poured the basement. Monday, they took the forms off. They also waterproofed around the cement and then backfilled around the foundation/basement with dirt. Thursday, they started framing and they plan to work through the weekend. I don't know how long it will take them total to finish this part of the process, but they seem to be making really good speed. The basement is all framed in, the subfloor down, and they're putting up the walls for the house now. I think the garage is done too. I can't really go walking over there to check it out because of all the dirt. The fashionable cam boot is tough enough to walk with on solid lawn--dirt is out of the question. Which means my dad is the one taking pictures of the building process. My poor father is very technology challenged and the digital camera is beyond him, so he's using a regular camera with film. I plan to post pictures of the house going up, but it'll be a while coming.

There was a flyer in the paper this week for some lighting store. I didn't find any interior lights that I liked, but I found a really cool outside light. Very different and modern looking. The big thing I'll have to find out is how easy it'll be to change the light bulbs in it because it looks difficult. That's going to be a big consideration, though.

I need to get out and look at brick/stone for the exterior and make a decision there, but I need to write. Maybe after work some afternoon.

And that is the house report.