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Friday, October 14, 2005

It's Not Me, Hurrah!

First, thanks to Nicole, I know that I'm not the book bitch. Yea! I feel much better now. I felt I needed to put this retraction up front. Blame it on my need for fairness.

Now on to the regularly scheduled ramble. I stayed up till about 11pm Wednesday night to write. My production fell off as I became more tired, but I was determined. After all, I did this when I wrote Power of Two, there should be no problem doing it now. Ha! Yesterday, I almost fell asleep during lunch. Writing production wasn't as good as it would have been if I'd gone to bed a couple hours later. Sigh. My biggest problem, I've decided, is my internal editor. I fuss with sentences and paragraphs until I'm happy with them, when I know I'll have to go back and revise later anyway. Need to work on this. Anyone have suggestions on how to turn that part of my brain off?

They break ground on the house I'm building next week. I figure between all the demands on my time the builder is going to make, three deadlines, revisions, promotion, and the day job, I should be quite insane in about 14 months. Actually, I'm questioning my sanity right now, but I know I'll be happy when the house is done.

MN Weather Report: 49 degrees.