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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Latest Review for Crimson Veil

I meant to post this earlier this week, but I got sidetracked. :-) What can I say? I frequently find myself going off on a different path than I intended.

Anyway, this is from a review of Through a Crimson Veil up at The Romance Readers Connection.

Ms. O'Shea writes a compelling story. The reader will be enthralled with the characters of Conor and Mika. Their story is intense, but offers a heartwarming love story.

I love it when people love my characters because they're my favorite part about writing. I can hear them so clearly in my head, know a billion things about them that never makes it in the book. They just fascinate me.

I'm having trouble with my neck and hands today. I get this off and on, but it's been horrible this morning. The muscles in my neck get so stiff that it must pinch nerves and then my hands fall asleep. Makes it a bitch to do anything on the computer, but usually a few minutes of stretching out takes care of it. So far this morning, I haven't been able to shake it for too long. I told my body to toughen the hell up--we have writing to do today. So far it's ignoring me. :-( Maybe a hot shower and some Advil will loosen the tension.

To Do List Items Accomplished: 0. Added: 1. (I'm going backward!)
MN Weather Report: 62 degrees.