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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Nose to the Grindstone

I wrote 15+ pages yesterday. Whoo hoo!!!! That's a lot for me. Usually, a good day is about 8 pages, so I'm practically turning flips. Of course, I haven't reread what I wrote yet, so the celebration may be premature. One drawback is that the dream scene ended up being way longer than I wanted. Those damn italics. But I need those pages. I think. Sigh.

I had such a good day, I was eager to get up today and write some more. I think I know how I want to close out the chapter and some of the stuff I want to do in the next scene/chapter. Hopefully, it'll work.

I found another review for Through a Crimson Veil last night. I've been trying to remember everyone I queried about reading it, and then when a site name comes to me, I've been checking it out. This latest is from A Romance Review:

Patti O'Shea proves once again why her books are some of the most highly anticipated of the year.
Crimson City comes alive through the words of Patti O'Shea. Her fast paced and realistic story of demons and their presence in the world brings chills to the reader's spine.

So this is cool!

And so far, I have been really good! I haven't visited any sites where people discuss books and I haven't run a search for my book title or my name in about a week. :-) Who says obsessive/compulsive people can't be retrained? It hasn't been easy, but I know I don't want to read negative stuff. It just shuts off my creativity faster than flipping a switch, and it wounds the soul. This is definitely a case where ignorance is bliss. I'll just have to count on my friends to send me the good stuff.

MN Weather Report: 64 degrees.