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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Now That It's Official

Yesterday, I accepted an offer from Tor to write two books for their paranormal romance line! I've been happy dog dancing. :-) This is the book that I want to write every time I look out the window at work and see the cemetery.

My agent asked me to come up with a one sentence blurb for her, so I dusted off my degree in advertising copywriting, and came up with this:

When a troubleshooter for a society of magic users rescues a private investigator from a dark spell, she finds more than an ally as she faces down her former mentor IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR.

In the Midnight Hour is the working title. I'm awful at titling books, but Billy Idol came on the radio as I was desperately trying to come up with something, and there you go.

Anyway, I'm going to be incredibly busy the next 14 months. I have a book due Dec 1 for Love Spell, I'm supposed to be building a house and have to meet with the builder next week to make some decisions, and now I have 2 new books to write before Jan 07. I like being busy with the writing, but I do wish the house thing was done.

MN Weather Report: 56 degrees. Fog.