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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

There's a Great Big Hole In the Ground

The builder dug a great big hole in the ground. It isn't too terribly exciting, but it's a start. They can't do anything more until the city comes out and inspects the footings--whatever those are. I'd always planned to actually do some research before building a house, read a few books, visit some websites, but now I won't have the chance. I'm too busy. I'm just trusting that everything is going to work out without my obsessing over it.

Got a much needed haircut yesterday, then I swung over to the mall and signed some more copies of Crimson Veil. Because it's a top seller at Waldenbooks, it's on that display at the front of the store. On the back side, and low so that it's difficult to see. Sigh. Yes, writers always find something to worry over. Or maybe that's just me.

I went to bed early last night, so if I can survive today, I think I'll be on the downside of this cold. I'm still drinking coffee and that's my bellwether. If the idea of coffee becomes repugnant, then I know I'm really sick. So far, so good.

Zero writing yesterday, but my brain wasn't clear enough. I did start looking at web designers. Again. This will be my third time through this process. The first time, I decided to take HTML classes and do my own site because the prices were too high. The second time through, I decided to continue doing my own site because the prices were too high, and I could do a better job than the designers that were affordable. This time through, I think I've picked a designer. I just have to debate whether or not I actually want to spend the money. I want something more polished than what I currently have. I think I could do it if I started from scratch and did a complete overhaul, but I just don't have the time. Still, it's hard to pay someone else. I love playing with web design, and if I wasn't writing, I'd be taking classes to become a real pro at it. This is something I'd enjoy doing professionally.