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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Blog Review and a Guest Blogger!

Okay, now I can post what I wanted to say this morning.

First, I want to thank Joely Sue Burkhart for the great review of Through a Crimson Veil on her blog! I loved reading her insights about the characters and the story. It's so cool when, as a writer, you read someone talking about your work, and they get it.

My favorite part is about Conor, the hero, and why he hates demons:

His mother was raped by his demon father. He's held this knowledge inside him,grown up with it, and struggled against his own male demon urges his entire life. To loose his demon side is to turn into the very thing that raped his mother.
The second thing I wanted to post this morning is that I'll be having a guest blogger tonight.

Carolyn Jewel is the author of A Darker Crimson, the fourth book in the Crimson City series. Carolyn and I emailed each other all the time to collaborate on demons and the demon world, and I think I probably made her crazy since I would send a note, then decide to cut what I'd just told her I was going to do, and then send another message to let her know. Clearly, she has the patience of a saint.

Carolyn's story features a human heroine, Claudia Donovan, who needs to go into Orcus to rescue her daughter. She doesn't trust vampires, but to get out of the underworld, she's going to need to do just that. Carolyn wrote a great story, you don't want to miss it! Plus, you get to see more demons and find out what the Dark Ones are up to now.

Thanks, Carolyn, for coming over here to talk about A Darker Crimson!