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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Confetti Time!

We'll save the champagne until the entire book is done, but the first draft is in the can!

I'm totally elated to have this monster done. 480 pages. That's a new world's record for me. Yikes! Now, of course, the revising will be begin, but the bulk of the story is there.

In other news, so far this move to the new cube hasn't been too bad. The phone guy finally showed up on Tuesday, so I'm connected again, and Loud Vendor Guy hasn't been in the office all week. The other good thing is now that he has to walk the distance of a whole cube, Mr. Congeniality isn't bothering me as often. Cool! The constant chatter just got so wearing.

The other interesting thing going on is that when I got to work, I had a whole bunch of undeliverable emails. It seems someone who has my work email in their address book has a virus and/or worm, and it used my email to send out little replicas of itself. Fortunately, no one has sent me an angry email demanding to know why I sent them a virus. Now if I could just figure out who's infected...but the possibilities are nearly endless.

It must be the week for viruses, though. I've gotten a bunch of suspicious email at home too that I've just been deleting, and my ISP (God love them) has been screening out a lot of viruses too. I was screening all but one of my email accounts, but as of today, they'll all be screened before I have anything delivered to my computer. It's a PITA, but better safe than sorry. Wish I knew why the surge in activity, though.

The house is being insulated now, and allegedly they're going to do the siding this week. It's a holiday, so I'll be surprised if that's true, but whatever. Apparently, it's critical that I pick out flooring ASAP, which surprises me since I would think that would be toward the end of the building process. The big problem is that the floor place is out in Rogers, which is like forever from here. It'll probably take me longer to drive out there than to make my choices.

And I think that's it. If you're traveling today, be safe, and Happy almost Thanksgiving!