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Friday, November 11, 2005


Right now, I have a bunch of choices to make. Do I put the cooktop on the island or the dishwasher? There isn't enough room on the counter for both. I have to choose all my appliances--today--so that the electrician and cabinet maker can do their job. I'm meeting with the cabinet guy on Monday and that's out in Timbuktu, and then I'll have to make decisions on that too. And I'm not feeling good, so my final dilemma is do I call in to work or try to tough it out. I'm leaning toward calling in, but I hate to do it.

The timing is bad since I have to do my presentation at my local chapter meeting tomorrow, although on the plus side, this is probably some 24 hour thing. Miserable while I have it, but nothing that will hang around long.

It's much more exciting to think about appliances. :-)