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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Halfway There

I read through about half of the newly named Eternal Nights yesterday, and so far, so good. In those 12 chapters, I have one medium size change to make, and a bunch of little ones. I didn't see anything major.

Another half to go. Both my writing buddies spotted some stuff I need to change in one of the chapters in this section, but it's another medium size change so it shouldn't be too bad to do or take too much time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, though, because I have enough work to do without finding anything that would take major effort.

I've been using a new program on email for a couple of weeks now, and I love it! It's called MSGTag, which stands for message tag. What it does is tag your email so that you know when it's opened. Since I hate those darn return receipts, especially for emailing my agent or editors, this is the perfect answer. It's invisible, and it triggers when the email is opened. I've got it set up so that some emails aren't logged, but I haven't explored all that it's capable of. I'm using the status version, which I love. There's a free version too, which I did not like at all. Not only does it put a slug at the bottom of each email, it also emails you when the note is opened. Status version has a cool little report screen, and you can turn off the footer, which I did immediately.

Now that I've been using this, I've been able to stop worrying if people have received my emails. It used to absolutely drive me nuts to send an email that I expected the receiver to answer, and then not get a reply. I'd obsess and obsess that the email didn't make it through, and I hate asking people if they got my email because nine times out of ten, they did, they just didn't answer. Which also makes me nuts, but at least now, I know they're just not replying to me. :-/ What does that say about me, that I'd rather know they got the email, and are ignoring me than worry that they never got it at all?

I know this kind of sounds like a commercial for them, but I'm not getting anything for touting this product. I can only dream. :-) I just love this program so much, that I wanted to share. I can't be the only obsessive person out there.

The sheet rock guys did not show up yesterday at the house, but the insulation guys did, and they worked on the basement.

The other thing I find kind of interesting is the searches people do to find the Crimson City Residents' Blog. Some of the more interesting ones have been searches for: demon breeds, Orcus, and dangerous city, just to name a few of the more recent ones. We've also had a lot of people searching for "crimson color." The thing that baffles me is the sheer number of people who've done that search. Why?