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Monday, November 07, 2005

Intense Weekend

I've been writing, and writing, and writing this weekend. I finished three chapters in three days which is a lot of writing for me. I'm very slow. My goal is to write another chapter today. Then, with a little luck, I'll have one more chapter and the epilogue left to write. If I'm not lucky, it'll be 2 more chapters. I'm worried about wrapping everything up according to the outline I made last week.

I haven't answered email all weekend. I'll start catching up on that tomorrow. And aside from meeting with the builder on Saturday, I pretty much haven't been away from my computer in 3 days. Today will be day 4, then tomorrow it's back to the day job.

All the chapters I've produced this weekend are rougher than I'd like, but they're down on paper and ready to be revised. That's what counts at this point. My goal is to have all the first draft down and done by the end of the day on Nov 13th. Then I'll be revising like a mad woman.