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Friday, November 04, 2005

Journey of a Novel

My local RWA chapter, Midwest Fiction Writers, has a program they call Journey of a Novel or JoaN for short. A published author from the chapter will come in and talk about her book, either from conception to publication or a particular writing challenge they dealt with while writing it.

A few months ago, the chapter VP asked me to do it. Me! She'd said she'd received requests from members. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I agreed to do it even though I haven't done any public speaking since college. I'll be talking about Through a Crimson Veil.

So earlier this week, the woman who takes care of the newsletter needed to talk to me so she could write a blurb for the November Muse, and she suggested I talk about being part of a continuity series since they never had anyone talk about that at a JoaN before. I said I'd be happy to address it if people has specific questions, but I wasn't sure that I could do a whole 45 minutes on it. Besides, the part that I, personally, find interesting is how the idea came in and how it changed between conception and writing the proposal.

This started me thinking about what I could speak about on working as part of a continuity series. I decided I can say that there's a lot of discussion to make sure points match and work among all the books. That sometimes you don't get things exactly the way you wanted (I wanted more demons hunting my h/h) and that it's not always easy fitting your vision inside the vision of the series.

What else can I say about working on a continuity series? What kinds of questions are writers interested in knowing about the process?