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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Mostly Good Day

Yesterday, I found out Ravyn's Flight is scheduled to be reprinted in August 2006, the same month Temple of Dreams is released. TOD is a spin off from RF, so that makes sense. I've posted the news all over my website, so I hope people stop spending $8, $9, even $13 for a copy of the book. The copies available on Amazon as of last night (and there were only two), were going for $17 and $59.99. I can't believe people are charging so much!

I also had a fabulous review for Through a Crimson Veil! I wish I could quote the entire review, but I'll settle for my favorite part, and link to the full thing. This is from Romance Reader at Heart:

If you liked the first two books you will love the spin Patti O'Shea puts on this paranormal keeper. It's exciting, fun, dangerous, and sexy! Two strong characters dominate the scene and their romance is as hot as it gets.

TACV received the site's Top Pick rating!

I also discovered that the Internet Writing Journal named my blog one of the Best Author Blogs. Their criteria? Frequently updated. Check. And interesting. Wow. I figured that second category would eliminate me completely.

On the house front, the plumbing was roughed in on Tuesday, and I saw the front steps and they look cool! Okay, so maybe it's just plain cool that I'll be able to get in the house without climbing on a bench first. That was a big step up. :-) I still plan on putting the pictures up that I took last Saturday if I ever have enough time.

I do a walk through with the electrician this afternoon, the windows are here too, so they'll start putting those in soon, and they'll begin roofing on Thursday. I am getting a little excited now.

The one snag in my day cost me all the work I'd done during lunch yesterday. I've been writing on one laptop at work, saving everything to a jump drive, then bringing it home to the good laptop. Tuesday, in my half out of it state, I accidentally saved the old file over the new file. I tried to recreate what I lost, but it's not as good as it was. :-( You can bet I'll be more careful from now on.