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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Powerless in Minnesota

I took my birthday holidays off from work, one of those if I don't take them now, I might lose them in bankruptcy court things. I figured to get a lot of writing done and it started out that way. I whizzed through the second scene in the chapter I was working on, and started the third. I decided to take a lunch break, though, and that's when disaster struck. The power went out!!!

One of the neighbors complained about how often this has been happening lately and he's exactly right. We've gone down a lot and without a storm or other triggering factor. But when everyone else's lights came on, the house was still dark.

I called my dad. The main circuit breaker had popped, but he couldn't get it to stay to the on position. He called the energy company and the guy told him some things to try. He never could get it to stick, so then he called a friend of his who has experience with electrical stuff, but the guy had to meet someone so he wouldn't be able to come over right away. He finally arrived just before 4pm and had the lights on in seconds. Hurrah!

But this little episode cost me 3 hours of writing time. That's how long the house was dark. I finished the chapter I was working on and started the next, but I could have been a lot further along if I'd had those three hours. :-(

Today, lucky me, I have to take time off from writing to meet with the builder and make a critical decision on where this wall goes. Sigh. I'm hoping to lose no more than an hour. I'm bringing the digital camera too so I can take pictures and bore people with them here. :-)