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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Quest

Yesterday I decided that my goal was to hunt down copies of all my favorite Christmas songs. This is not going to be easy because my favorite songs, sung by specific people, are on a LP collection my parents had when I was a kid. From the time I was old enough to be allowed to work the stereo, I played those records over and over each holiday season. Which means they're scratched up and can't be transferred from vinyl to digital format.

But I figured, hey, everything is available on download from iTunes or one of the other places, right? How hard can it be to find Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme singing "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let it Snow" or Robert Goulet doing "White Christmas?"

Well, as it turned out, extremely difficult. First there's the search feature which doesn't allow a search by both artist and title, so a search for "White Christmas" turned up like half a gazillion hits, none of which was the version I wanted. A search for "Robert Goulet" produced fewer results, but none was the one I wanted. The situation was even worse for Steve and Eydie because they're two people and sometimes they were only listed as one.

Anyway, I never did find either song available to be downloaded from the net. On Steve and Eydie, I never found their version of "Let It Snow" at all. With Robert Goulet, I discovered a CD with "White Christmas" on it. It's titled "This Christmas I Spend With You" and is apparently impossible to find.

It wasn't at Amazon or or BMG Music. Amazon Canada, my secret place for finding items out of print/sold out in the US, didn't even have it. Neither did Amazon UK. eBay only had the LP version for sale, and I already have an LP of this song. had one copy--for $40 before shipping! But I also found a Robert Goulet website. I don't know if it's his official site or not, I'm guessing yes, and it has a store. And there, lo and behold, they were selling a CD copy of "This Christmas" for $20. A little higher than I wanted to pay, but hey, I'm buying my childhood Christmas memories, right? It wasn't until I was checking out that I discovered shipping was $10. Gah!

At least I have a whole Christmas CD, even if I was only looking for one song. Now if only I could track down the Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme song....

Revisions went really well yesterday and I got a lot accomplished. It's amazing how much better and more creative I feel when I have a decent amount of sleep. :-) I seriously have to try that more often. Anyway, if I keep going like I did yesterday, I should have the stuff I know about fixed by this weekend--maybe even before depending on how it goes.

No work was done on the house again yesterday, which is actually okay since I don't have time to go pick out flooring or lighting.

Have a project at work that's keeping me busy and I spent the day listening to one song over and over as I worked on it. That wasn't my original intention, I had music programmed in the MP3 player to keep me going for about an hour, but once I started listening to "I'd Do Anything For Love" by Meatloaf, I couldn't seem to stop. I set it to repeat and that's all I played all day. I think this might be the theme song for Eternal Nights rather than the Martina McBride song I was thinking of using. This is exactly how it happened to me on Ravyn's Flight too. I was driving home one day while I was working on revisions, DEVO's "The Girl U Want" played on my CD, and I kept replaying and replaying it.

Speaking of RF, the $34.95 copy someone was selling is no longer listed on Amazon. Geez, I hope no one paid that for a used copy of my first book. Especially when it's going to be reprinted in August. I've been trying to get that info out there as much as possible so people wouldn't pay outrageous money for the book, but there's only so many people I can reach.

And on the what the heck is going on front, what's up with Blogger? I used to be able to fix my time on my posts. I like to set it to when I actually finish writing my post because it can take me a while. Like this morning. It's 4:39 am now, and that's the time I'd like to post under, but I can't since that field is gone. Why?