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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Running Out of Time

Darn it! I'm running late this morning, and I had stuff I wanted to say! I hate when this happens. I'll have to post some more later today.

The walls are going up on the house. I mean solid walls, not just boards. Gulp. It's actually starting to look like something. My dad is still taking pictures for me.

Realized last night that I'd started the third scene in the chapter I'm working on in the wrong place, so I cut everything I wrote in it. It had to go since the time jump a few paragraphs into the scene was pointless and unnecessary. All I had to do was make the jump before the scene started.

Yesterday morning, while I was dawdling, I suddenly remembered that the area where I leave the neighborhood to get on the freeway was closed. Needless to say, this adds extra time on to my commute and is one of the reasons why I'm so rushed this morning. I'm going to try merging on the freeway in a new place this morning. This one has better sight lines than my usual entrance because of all the cement construction barriers, so hopefully, I won't have to clasp the steering wheel and pray no one's in the right hand lane.

More later. The good stuff takes thinking time to write. :-)