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Friday, November 18, 2005

Titles and the Cover

My editor called yesterday. She wanted to tell me what they'd decided to do for the cover of my next book. They're going to do the hero's face with some geometric/crop circle patterns in the background. Sounds like it could be cool. The model they're hoping to get apparently resembles Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Cool.

The other thing she mentioned is that Marketing has decided we can do better on the title than "Temple of Dreams." To be honest, I never expected to keep this as the name of the book. I'm horrible at titling, and when I become desperate, I reach. Temple of Dreams was always a joke. Kendall, the heroine, is involved with archeologists, and it's an adventure story, so I was calling it "Kendall Thomas and the Temple of Dreams" to be funny. Only I couldn't come up with anything better. So when it was time to submit, a friend suggested I just lop off the start of it, and use the last three words. I did.

Temple of Dreams is a spin off to Ravyn's Flight. Here's the little blurb I have on my website:

Since being stationed on Jarved Nine four months earlier, Special Operations Captain Wyatt Montgomery has been in pursuit of Captain Kendall Thomas. She's skittish of romantic relationships, but he's managed to become an important part of her life--as her best friend. He wants more. When Kendall catches antiquities smugglers red-handed, he just might have his opportunity. If Wyatt can keep them both alive long enough to convince her that they belong together.

It deals with reincarnation--the hero and heroine were lovers in a past life in the Old City--and they become trapped in the temple (it's a pyramid). The majority of the book is them trying to find a way out.

My editor suggested "Eternal Ecstasy," but I have until Monday to come up with alternative titles.

Any help/ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated.