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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back to the Day Job

I finished everything on my slightly ambitious weekend To Do List, so I'm feeling pretty satisfied right now. I realized, though, last night that I hadn't read a book the entire 2 weeks I've taken off from writing. Maybe I should have put this on my list. Now I won't have time to read. I received a packet of Golden Heart entries to judge and I'll be reading those until I get back to my own writing.

It's funny. I haven't been able to get Kendall and Wyatt out of my head yet. Usually by now, the characters are pulling back and the new characters are coming in. I'll confuse names and things like that as I think about one story or another. Usually, but not this time. My thoughts are still lost in Eternal Nights, although it's not as total as it was while I was working on the book.

It's nice to relax and not have to do anything right now. I forgot what that was like. Yesterday, I downloaded Bud Light radio ads. I might have mentioned this before, but these are the most clever radio commercials I've heard in years. I majored in ad copywriting in college, so I appreciate good work. Now I just need to transfer the ads to my MP3 player. And find the ones I'm apparently missing. I have a spreadsheet. :-)