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Saturday, December 10, 2005


The end is in sight, but I'm so tired, I'm blurry-eyed. I rewrote all of chapter 21 yesterday--I took the day off from work to do it--but I developed one of those headaches you get when you spend too much time on the computer, and the end is a little weak. I'll have to shore that up today, then rewrite chapter 22. I have to start printing tomorrow evening, and since I don't want to stay up really late doing this, sooner is better than later.

I'm so ready to get this book in the mail, I can hardly wait. Chapter 22, though, isn't going to be fun. The first scene in the chapter will be completely new stuff--there's nothing from previous versions that I can use here. The second scene is better. There's not much I can reuse, but I'm getting all kinds of information on this scene. Not so on the first one. This is one of those sit down and write and see what happens situations.

They started siding the house yesterday, and after I mail the book off, I'll have to get over there and take a look at it. And take some pictures to make another gallery. Gas company still has not shown up, which means they can't tape and mud the sheet rock inside. I have a piece of the vinyl siding, though, to use to pick out rock. Next week is going to be a busy week for me as I try to catch up on all the stuff that I've let slide.

My To Do List includes: get an appointment with the doctor because my foot hurts; pick out light fixtures for the house; pick out brick or stone for the house; pick out paint colors for the interior of the house; pick out flooring for the house; pick out countertops; do holiday cards; buy Christmas gifts; visit the credit union; get my oil changed; and I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff that will come to me later. This is bad enough.

In other house news, I found an area rug that I adore at Overstock. They have free shipping this weekend, so I'm thinking of ordering now. Of course, it would be much smarter to wait until I'm in the new house and have the 8x11 rug delivered there, but free shipping is hard to resist, then there's the fact that the size I want in this pattern is listed as "very high" risk of selling out. I'm still debating.

My Robert Goulet Christmas CD arrived, and I like most of it so I didn't pay all that money for just one song. It actually came like within 2 days of my ordering it, so I was able to listen while I was printing out chapters of Eternal Nights to read.

Now I need to get to work. Lots to do, very little time to do it in.