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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Brain Melt

I've been so focused on Eternal Nights this week, and working on revisions, that I've entered The Twilight Zone--a place where the brain only functions on one level. The WIP.

Yesterday, I had two things that showed me clearly how out of it I am. First, I posted a note on one of the loops I'm on that contained some of the most incoherent writing possible. I was giving some instructions on how to post pictures into Blogger, and I swear, I said "Blogger" three times in three short sentences. Each sentence had the grammatical complexity of a third-grader's writing. That was a bit embarrassing to read.

The second thing that had me realizing just how out of touch I am involved a chat. It was with an editor I worked with, so I wanted to attend despite the early hour that it was scheduled at--5pm CST. So I popped in just before 5 and no one was there. Everyone must be running late today, I think. I'll just leave and come back later. So a couple of minutes after 5, I enter the room again, and still no one is there. I decide to double check my email about the chat, thinking maybe I'd gotten the time wrong. Nope, the time was right. What I was wrong about was the DAY! Sigh. Time has no meaning in The Revision Zone.

On the positive side, though, revisions are flying along! I'm almost done with everything one of my writing buddies marked for me, and my own notes. I'm really looking forward to this first round of revisions ending. Then I'll do a read through looking for stuff to smooth out, print EN, and read through on hardcopy looking for more stuff to fix. And stuff to cut. I'm so excited to be so close to finished. Yea!

Once again, no work done on the house, and while I'm okay with that because of my schedule, it's getting kind of weird. Everything went so fast at first, now nothing is moving. I did pick out my handles for the cabinets. They had to know by today. I'm going with the expensive pewter ones that I really, really liked for the kitchen and the china cabinet, and a much cheaper curved one for the bathrooms and laundry room.

Yesterday, I also sent a note to Blogger asking about the date/time adjustment thing that used to be at the bottom of the Create a Post window. This morning I had an automated response to check the knowledge database, known issues and one other thing that eludes my revision-deadened mind. All places I'd checked BEFORE sending the email! Grrr.