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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hitting the Ground Running

Why am I blogging later than usual today? Is it because I have the day off from work? No, although I really wish I did. I overslept. Again. And not just for a little bit. I usually have time to chug down a cup of coffee, but this morning, all I had time to do was hop in the shower and run out the door. I had my coffee at work.

I might have this teensy little addiction to coffee. I need a cup--and time for it to get in the bloodstream--to feel halfway awake. Like right now. It's nearly 7am, I just finished my coffee and I still have that I'm too tired to function feeling.

Ah, well, looks like my night of insomnia caught up with me. :-/

I've been plowing through items on the big To Do List this week. I only have one thing left on there that isn't related to the new house--write a new bio for the website.

Out of everything I have to write, bios are the worst. First off, I have to make myself sound interesting, and I'm not. I write. I go to work. I sleep. Secondly, I need to sound impressive. I'm from Minnesota. Bragging does not come naturally. I'm even hideously uncomfortable with promo emails. Third, I have to write it in such a way that it's entertaining. Humor would be a good thing here. Too bad I don't write funny. Oh, there's humor now and then in my books, but that's because of the characters, not because of me. They just say stuff that can be funny sometimes.

Hmm. Maybe I should draft one of my characters to write my bio. Or maybe not. Who knows what I'd end up with?

Deke and I were having a conversation last night, and he lied to me. Totally, completely, utterly lied. And why did he do it? Just because it entertained him. Sigh. Mika lied to me too, but at least she was half demon and it's accepted in her culture. Deke has no excuse.

BTW, I guess I better explain that Deke is the hero in my next story, the one I'll start working on after the new year. His heroine is Ryne. This is the story that I sum up by saying:

When a troubleshooter for a society of magic users rescues a private detective from a dark spell, she finds more than an ally as she faces down her former mentor.

Ryne was the one who originally came in. She talked and talked and talked while I was trying to finish up The Power of Two. The thing I liked so well about Ryne was she didn't interfere with my writing at all--she talked when I was in the car or when I was in bed. And she never lied. She wouldn't tell me her name, made me spend hours looking through baby books until I finally found it, but she told me all kinds of information about her society.

Deke, it seems, is going to be another story. He showed up on Tuesday and lied to me on Wednesday. I can see this is going to be a fun partnership!