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Friday, December 30, 2005

Minnesota. Argh!

I promise not to rant on and on about the weather, but I will say, ARGH! It's snowing. I believe it was supposed to rain before the snow. Totals: 4-6 inches. I loathe snow.

See? I could do it. Just a couple of lines. Good thing today isn't the day I overslept, though. The drive in should be a bear.

Yesterday was a wash as far as days went. Any day that starts out with oversleeping is never going to be a particularly good one. Luckily, it wasn't particularly bad either. I worked some more on my new website since I found a couple glitches I hadn't noticed before. I think those are fixed now. I also came up with a bio—of a sort. I think I'll need to redo it, but I really hate writing those things. I think I might have mentioned that before.

House news. None. Not really. They haven't worked all week so nothing has changed since Christmas when I took the pictures I posted in House Gallery Four. I did hear from the flooring/countertop place. The woman was talking about bathroom fixtures and I thought she meant faucets. She was talking about towel bars and such. So you can imagine our conversation was at cross purposes. The builder also wants me to pick out that stone very soon. Think I'll be going next week since it's snowing here today.

Now that the house is starting to look like a house, I'll admit to being antsy for them to get going and finish it. :-) I want to see how it looks with the floors in and the countertops and appliances. And the lights. I mostly picked out of catalogs so I only saw the bathroom fixtures and dining room light live.

Off to brave the snow and cold.