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Sunday, December 04, 2005

More Time in the Revision Zone

I finished almost all the revisions I wanted to make now. There's one more chapter I need to look at, but yesterday was not the day to touch it, so I started reading through from the beginning looking for things to tweak--and things to cut. I made it through the first 11 chapters and managed to cut 6 pages, which isn't too bad. My goal is to mail Eternal Nights in as close to 460 pages as I can, which would put it at about the same length as The Power of Two and Through a Crimson Veil.

My plan today is to work on that one last chapter, and finish this round of revisions! Yea! Then finish my read through, and print out on hardcopy to look for more stuff. I see more when I read on paper than when I read on the screen. A week from today, I'll do the final printing. Wow. Seems like just yesterday when I started this book.

A visit over to Amazon showed that 9 people are trying to get $34.94 and HIGHER for Ravyn's Flight! I feel like I should post a disclaimer: Warning: Book will be reprinted in August. Do not pay these outrageous prices. Of course, I can't, so I guess I'll have to settle for mentioning it periodically here, and hoping people who are looking for a copy visit the blog or my website and see the news.

I think that's it. All I've been doing is working on the book, sleeping or going to the day job. They haven't even done any work on the house this week, so I have nothing to report there. Next week, though, I'll be heading out to the lighting and flooring/countertop stores to pick out stuff. Probably on Thursday when they're open late, so I will be able to give a report then. :-)