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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Now It's Wood

Now I have to make decisions on stain. Sigh. I picked out a picture of the stain color I like. My dad gave it to the builder. Yesterday he brought over pieces of wood. Neither piece was anywhere close to the color I circled. Hell, these pieces were so light, why bother paying to have someone stain them? I guarantee that neither piece was even close to the warm, honey color I said that I liked.

Then there was the floor. That sample was just as light as the wood pieces and without life. I circled an amber color sample. Hopefully, that isn't more expensive than the boring, flat lifeless color flooring. But after the months spent on the house, I've learned that everything I like is more expensive.

That's the most exciting thing I have to share, which tells you how pathetically boring my Monday was. That wouldn't be a bad thing if that was the only demand made on my time, but unfortunately, I think people have been lying in wait and I've got them lined up. Can I just pull the blankets over my head? Wake me up when Christmas is over and the house is finished. Gah!