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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Procrastination Doesn't Just Pertain to Writing

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening working on the revamped version of my website. I forget which incarnation this will be--maybe the fifth? Total guess since early on I did a lot of learning through trial and error. This latest style is the slickest I've ever managed, and because I know just enough CSS to set basic page parameters, I've been able to put it together faster than it took me to create the current version. It really helps not to need to set every little thing on every page. Now if I could just figure out the stupid box model thingy and use fewer tables, I'd be set. Unfortunately, while I understand the box principle in the abstract, I totally don't get how to put it into practice.

Websites are a fab way to procrastinate. And what was I procrastinating from? My homework. I don't know why that word automatically makes me look for delaying tactics, but it does. I'm loving the class, I think the homework assignment is a fun one, I enjoy playing with tarot cards, and yet I couldn't make myself redo my assignment--at least not last night. Yep, redo. We weren't supposed to do it on current characters and I did, so I need to start over. I've drawn the cards, but I didn't feel like studying them. I'll do it this morning, though. Tired, but the brain is fresher.

Today is our holiday party at work. Atmosphere there has been mostly morose with the paycuts and all the people bailing. I heard of a few more people leaving NWA in the near future. Yea for them, but it's different for those of us left behind. I still miss talking to Laura, our secretary who left us for another company. I sent her an email, but didn't get an answer, so I figure she's busy or might not be allowed to email from her new company.

And in true procrastination mode, I spent yesterday morning debating the theme song for Eternal Nights. At first, I thought it was going to be a Martina McBride song, then I thought Meat Loaf, but Wednesday I started thinking Sammy Kershaw. I listened to Meant To Be twice, but decided that's not right, so I'm still trying to pick a song. Maybe I should have a poll or something.