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Monday, December 12, 2005


I feel like I'm just climbing out of some bizarre time warp. What happened to the month of November and almost half of December? The last time I looked it was October and relatively balmy outside. :-)

It's very odd to be finished with the book. I'll take this week off to recover and try to get caught up on all the stuff I didn't do while I was working on the book, then it'll be time to get my head into the next story. But if this time goes like the others, I'll feel lost this week as if I should be doing something, but just can't quite figure out what that something is.

Last night, my head was all wound up, so sleep didn't come easily. Of course, it was Sunday night. I'd love to stay home from work today and just sleep and loll around, but unfortunately, I don't have enough vacation to do that. So off to the day job, with a run to Fed Ex over lunch to send Eternal Nights off to my editor.

I know they started siding the house. My dad reports that they hope to finish on Tuesday. It should look more real then. I've also been told that the electricity is working now, and that the gas company installed a meter, but didn't hook the gas up to be used inside the house.

That's all I know, and considering I was in deadline mode, I'm happy I was aware of that much. :-)