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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Revision is My Life

The prologue though chapter 19 are basically done. I'm hoping chapter 20 is done too, although one of my writing buddies mentioned a small tweak I need to do to how Stacey talks to Cam. I'm hoping to get the thumbs up from my other writing buddy, so I can put this chapter to bed. I have some cutting and tightening up to do to chapters 21 and 22, and I'm still waiting to hear on the very end of the book, but since that's relationship stuff, I'm hoping that's okay too. With a little luck, I'll get through the cutting in 21 today, and work on prettying it up. I really need to move fast on this book so I can get it mailed out on Monday.

I've finally conceded I'm going to have to see the doctor about my foot. It hasn't gotten any better since I was allowed to walk without the boot. In fact, right now it really hurts. I've been wearing the boot at work and walking around home without it, but I'm going to have to go back to wearing it all the time. Big sigh here. Of course, this has to wait until after the book is mailed.

I'm hoping to postpone the trip to pick out carpeting, countertops and lights till next week. I didn't hear a no on this, so I'm assuming it's all right. They still haven't done any work on the new house, not since the day after Thanksgiving, but until this book is done, I don't care.

See why I titled this post the way I did? Everything circles back to my revisions. :-) Oh, speaking of that, page cut through chapter 19 is 17 pages. Yea!