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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

RT Reviewers' Choice Awards

Yesterday ended up being a great day. Through a Crimson Veil was nominated as Best Contemporary Paranormal Romance in the RT Reviewers' Choice Awards! Yea! That really perked me out of the I'm-back-at-the-day-job doldrums.

The thrill carried me through the day and into the evening, but when I went to bed, I had the house on my mind. I was thinking about various elements, when it dawned on me that my bisque cooktop is going to be right on top of the charcoal counter top! All I could think is that it would stand out like a neon sign in a blackout. OMG! I'm going to have the equivalent of the Vegas strip in the desert of gray. This can't be good.

What are my alternatives? Switch counter tops? I don't want to. I love the pattern even if the color is a little darker than I would have hoped for. Switch appliance colors and go with everything in black? But I don't want dark appliances, besides one of my friends assured me that black appliances are very 1990s and I hate the stainless steel look. Swear to God, that's going to end up being this decade's version of avocado green. Blech. What if I just make the cooktop black and keep the other appliances bisque? But then that would look funny.

This is the first time in a long time I've had insomnia over something besides one of my stories. Finally, sometime around midnight, and after getting out of bed to study the Formica sample and noting that there were white outlines prominent throughout the pattern, I decided that maybe the bisque cooktop would really be okay. So after hours of fretting, to use one of Wyatt's words, I decided to leave everything as is.

Now I've had somewhere around three hours of sleep--if I was lucky--and even coffee isn't going to be enough to deal with driving in freezing rain. Gah!