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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tarot Decks and Computer Cookies

I'm taking an online class called Tarot for Writers that was offered from an online RWA chapter called From the Heart Romance Writers. I've been enjoying the class and can't wait to do my assignment from last night. I drew my cards, but didn't look at them yet. I was just too tired to make sense of them. But since the class started Monday, I realized something. None of my Tarot decks speak to me any longer.

I have a number of decks that I acquired as I went looking for one that I'd really like. Some of them, I ended up not liking at all and I never, ever use them. Others I use occasionally. But I haven't played with my cards in a long time, and I haven't bought a new deck in even longer--maybe 5 years, but probably longer. I think I changed since I bought my last deck. I discovered this when I tried to pick a deck to use for class. The one I'm using is one that I only read with a couple of times in the past, but now I seem to like it best, although I'm not excited by it.

Clearly, this meant it was time to find a new deck. I needed one that spoke to me now. Since I wasn't going to be running around snowy Minneapolis in traffic, I commenced an online search and found a few decks that I liked. I actually ordered more than one. I tried not to, really I did, but there were three decks I really wanted to try--the Adrian Tarot, the Archeon (I think I have the name right) and the Osho Zen. I ordered all of them. Gah! I also put three other decks I found intriguing on my wish list. At least I showed some restraint.

My other big adventure last night was accidentally erasing all my cookies. I hate this update to Firefox, especially what they did to their Tools, Options feature. And of course, my cookie culler extension wasn't upgraded to work with this new version of Firefox. I had Cookie Culler set up to protect my vital cookies in case I did something stupid like click on the wrong button. So this morning, I've had to remember all kinds of passwords for a variety of different sites. Great. Morning mental tests. Gah!