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Monday, December 05, 2005

Through 17

Progress report on revisions to Eternal Nights. After going back to three points in chapters 1-17 to add/clarify things that apparently weren't clear, I printed out these chapters and the prologue. That means these pages are more or less done and I'm ready to look at them on hardcopy for the errors that seem to elude me on screen. I also managed to cut 15 pages out of these chapters. Yea!!!

The news is not so good for chapters 18 on. Apparently, there are some chapters here that need more work than I expected. I'm mulling over how to work several issues, but I have an inkling of how I'll handle them. It's a matter of whether or not it works. And here I thought I'd have a reasonable pace this week to go carefully over my pages. Instead, I'm going to be busting my butt to get this finished and mailed on the 12th as I promised. This day job is really interfering with my writing. :-/

In other news, my dad reports that the siding for the house has been delivered. It'll be cool to drive by and see it looking more real. I still have to pick out the brick for the front--one more thing on my To Do List--but one that can hopefully wait until next week.

While I was working on cutting all those pages, I downloaded Open Office. I probably won't use the word processing program since I already use WordPerfect and have Word, but I was tired of only having the Works spreadsheet program on the laptop (I have the full Microsoft Office suite on my desktop). It took a long time to download since I have dial up, but the spreadsheet program looks good and it also has a database program, a presentation program similar to Powerpoint, and some others that I don't have time to look at. The best part was the cost was free. I like that.

Someday, I should put together a list of my favorite free software. Maybe in my free time. Insert semi-hysterical laughter here.