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Friday, January 06, 2006

Day Job Fun

Yesterday I was walking out to the parking lot from work with some women in the next department over. They were talking about the fact that one of them was packing up stuff from her cube, and how another woman couldn't figure out why she was doing it. They laughed, and one of them said, "she must not read the paper." I was like, whoa! I haven't been reading the paper, or really paying much attention to the news. So I asked what's going on. Mid-February, our pilots and flight attendants may strike, and if they do, apparently our union is going to honor it and we won't be coming in to work either.

Honestly, I don't much like the day job. It's mostly boring, which preserves my brain for writing, but leaves me unexcited about going in. While I work in a good department, I sit next to Mr. Congeniality, who's never met a person he won't talk to forever and loudly, and Loud Vendor Guy, who decided yesterday to start talking to me through the cube walls. Gah! I could certainly live happily without the noise those two make. I had my MP3 player on so loudly trying to drown out LVG while he was on the phone, that I gave myself a headache.

But the day job has 2 major things going for it. It somehow manages to pay the bills and it gives me health/dental insurance.

Of course, I dealt with this news the same way I deal with most stressful situations--I decided to ignore it and not think about it. :-) Maybe this isn't the best method of all time, however, I have no control over what the pilots or flight attendants and their unions decide to do. Heck, I have no power over what my union decides to do. So I'll just keep going to work, put in my hours, and bring home anything expensive. :-)

No house news of any interest to report, and I'm still just trying to get my head back into the next WIP, so no real writing news either. Yesterday was just a largely boring, albeit noisy day.