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Monday, January 16, 2006

Day Job News and Writing Stuff Too

I read online that NWA and the IAM (my union) reached a tentative contract agreement over the weekend. They're hammering out final language, and then we'll get to vote on it. I can hardly wait to see how bad it is. Of course, the pilots union is the one that can shut down the airline, and I haven't heard anything about them reaching any kind of deal with the company, so I'll be carting home the things I don't want to lose. I guess that includes the POC laptop. :-/

Last night, for some reason I haven't figured out, I felt compelled to skim through Eternal Nights. It's amazing how much perspective a month away from a story can bring. Mostly, it's okay, although I hope I get revisions early enough so I can go through the entire story and clean up phrasing and stuff like that. I'd like to think that the urge to open up the file for EN means I'll be getting revisions this week, but unfortunately, I doubt it. More likely, it's just my obsessive/compulsive behavior.

I'm making an author appearance this month. I'm kind of wishing now that I hadn't signed up for it, but I did. Guess I should update my website to reflect it, yes? I'm going to be at the Minneapolis Convention Center for the Women's Expo on January 28th at the Midwest Fiction Writers' booth. Every year the published authors sign books in exchange for a donation to a literacy charity. The name of it escapes me at the moment, but it is 4:30 in the morning. ;-)

No doubt this is another one of those things that I'll enjoy after it's over. Because of my shyness, events like this take a lot of psyching up for me. They also leave me tired afterward. When I throw in driving to downtown Minneapolis and parking in one of those huge ramps, it's hard to be too enthusiastic. Maybe someday I'll be more outgoing; I have made strides so that at least I don't feel like a deer in the headlights at the few book signings I do, but it's still not easy for me.

I need to logoff and get going on the first day of another week full of fun and frolic at the day job. Big, huge, enormous sigh.