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Sunday, January 15, 2006

House Pictures

I went over to the house and took some pictures. I thought they were supposed to paint on Saturday, but apparently they ran out of time or something because nothing appeared to have been done. They did tape up around the woodwork, though, and we all know how time consuming that is. IMO, taping is the worst part of painting. Since the only thing I have to show is the color of the stain, I just took a couple of shots.

Here's shot one of the banister where it attaches to the wall
Image hosted by

Here's the second banister shot.
Image hosted by

And here's the center island and kitchen cabinets all stained. The color of the cabinets in the background is the same as the island in the foreground. The difference in color is because of the camera and the flash.
Image hosted by

As a compare/contrast shot, this is what the kitchen looked like before it was stained.
Image hosted by

Some disappointing stuff in the house too. They slammed something into a corner in the hallway enough to do some serious damage to the sheet rock. I took a picture of that just in case.

There's also all kinds of bottles and other trash dropped down inside the center island which better be out before they put the countertop on because there is no access to that area from the front.

I also discovered that I do not have pullouts in the one lower cabinet that I have. I distinctly told the guy at the cabinet place that I wanted pullout shelves everywhere. Why don't men listen to women about stuff like this? I can understand them not putting the pullout shelves in the really high cabinets, although that really sucks too, but the one lower cabinet that doesn't have plumbing or venting below it should have pullouts. This guy also told me I'd be getting a silverware drawer insert thing built in to one of the drawers and that wasn't there either. The cabinets themselves are attractive, I'm especially impressed with the china cabinet, but the little details with these things are making me nuts.

Yeah, I'm a little crabby about this. And I have a horrible headache from all the fumes trapped in the house from the stain and varnish. I took some Ibruprophen, (did I spell that right?) and I'm hoping it goes away shortly.