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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Yesterday, I found out that I'll be closing on the house a week from Friday.

My first reaction was OMG! Now I knew the target date was February 10th, but that seemed so far away. It still seems far away. It's not. It's next week. OMG!

I've always lived with the idea that if I ever wanted to, I could just take off and move somewhere else. Since I've been in MN my entire life, the odds were low I'd just take off for another state. Heck, my personality doesn't handle spur of the moment vacations real well, and the chances of a spur of the moment relocation ever happening are minuscule, but I could have done it if I'd wanted to. Before the house.

Now I'm going to have a yard that'll need mowing, upkeep, repair. Gah! I'll have to spend all kinds of money on window treatments. I'll have to arrange to move my stuff. I'll have to shop at Home Depot.

I actually bought a welcome mat. Me. That's such a boring thing, but here I was all excited that it came with a boot scraper so that I wouldn't have mud tracked into the house. I also bought curtain rod brackets that you don't use nails.

So I laid awake in bed last night, trying to relax enough to sleep. I don't know how long it took, all I know is my muscles are still rigid this morning, and every time I think about being a home owner, I can't seem to draw a deep breath.