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Thursday, January 26, 2006

It's All About Revisions

Sorry to be late posting this morning. Blogger was down for maintenance when I logged on before work this morning.

I finished the revisions that my editor sent me. They only encompass the first four chapters, but it's nice to have them done. I'm doing one more read through today to make sure it flows smoothly--I did a fair amount of cutting in two different chapters--and to watch for repetitive words, but except for a few tweaks here and there, I think it's good to go.

Except for one eensy little problem.

I need to foreshadow something in the story. The hero knows about it from the start, so the reader has to at least have hints that he's aware of this before they get the information. My editor found the hints confusing, which means I need to work on them. The big question is how to hint at this without giving too much away too early and without leaving the reader confused. So far, I haven't had any epiphanies, but I'm still thinking about it.

The house continues to move along at light speed. They're putting in the carpeting today, and finishing the insulation in the basement. Back in October, February 10th seemed so far away, now it's nearly here. And they might be done early. Wow. It seems so hard to believe. (And I heard they actually got the stove top to fit in the island!) ;-)

Today's Romancing the Blog entry was interesting. Kara Lennox talks about her revision letter from her new editor and basically supports what I said here last Saturday--that it's good to have editors who really look at your work and make the author think about her writing.

I wrote about how the best part about being a published author is to be edited. :-) Critique partners are great, and catch all kinds of stuff, but editors find more. My goal is to make my work the best I'm capable of making it, and I'll work as hard as I need to achieve this. I feel like my editor is my partner in this. Of course, that doesn't mean there haven't been some discussions about the changes. This absolutely shocked me the first time I did it. I'm shy. And at that time, I tended not to speak up about stuff, but when it came to protecting my characters, I discovered it was a different story. Now, as I've gained some confidence, I speak up a little more.

Sometimes I amaze myself. :-)