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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Mostly About the House

I made it to my local writing chapter's meeting. Yea! This makes me one for one in 2006. I also volunteered to help with the chapter website. I'm not quite sure why I did this since time is at such a premium for me, but I did it anyway. Eek!

After the business meeting, I had to take off and pick up my parents to head down to the countertop store. I told them I'd be there by noon, and I was, but was anyone ready to go? Of course not. Which wouldn't have been irritating except that my dad was so concerned about my going to the writers meeting. He kept saying, "the store is only open to 2pm." And I kept assuring him, I'd be ready to leave for Burnsville at noon. Then, after all that, he's the one holding things up. Sigh.

I'm sweating the countertop choice I made for the bathroom. Out of all the decisions I've made for the house, the only two things that have had me second-guessing myself were the counters in the kitchen, and now the master bath. I knew I wanted something neutral. I knew I didn't want anything too gray, too brown, too reddish, or too plain. I went through hundreds and hundreds of samples, but the ones I liked were not neutral. There was this really cool purple one, and another that was green. But after only a slight hesitation, I put them away. I narrowed it down to four choices, and ended up going with a faux marble-looking laminate. The saleswoman said that my choice was a bold neutral. She also said that I definitely know what I like and what I don't like. True. :-)

I arrived home to find my area rug and runner sitting on the front stoop. Or should I say drooping off the front stoop. This was unexpected since I thought they'd been sent UPS and they don't deliver on Saturday. Turned out they'd been sent Fed Ex. The packaging around the big area rug was open, the end of the carpet mere inches away from hanging out, and I was concerned there'd been dirt or damage during shipping. Of course, because the rug is so big, there is no way I can open it and take a look until I move it over to the new house. I just have to trust that nothing happened to it that I can't see.

I think they're done staining at the house, and they might be done painting. If I can get myself organized, I think I might take a run over with my camera. I haven't taken pics since Christmas, but then they haven't done much till this last week since Xmas either.

Oh, yeah, and I need to write. :-) I'm thinking of retyping my whole proposal to get my head back into the story and the characters. Several writers have suggested it now.