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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Sorry to anyone who received a security sign in message here. Oops! I moved all my house pictures to a new website, and yesterday evening, I set something up wrong over there, so every time the pictures tried to pull up, it would ask for a password. I have it turned off now. I did this same thing when I first put up my author website, but I can't remember how I fixed it.

When my wonderful 80s station was replaced with some radio version of the ipod shuffle, I switched to this smooth jazz station for the alarm clock. I'm not a huge jazz fan, but it seemed a nice medium between soft, gentle music which would not wake me up, and harder music which would irritate the hell out of me and have me cussing (more than I already do) as I slap around for the snooze button. :-) I mean the 80s station used to drive me nuts when they played Guns 'N Roses at 4am. Of course, this meant the Jazz station wasn't long for this world. :-) And it was replaced with a talk radio format a couple of weeks ago. That's more aggravating than Axl Rose. ;-) After winging through the radio dial a few times, I went back to country music for the wake up.

I did this once before and this is how I got hooked on country music in the early 90s. I'd hear Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places," and though I had no clue who he was, I knew I liked that song. I started listening to the country station during the day, found out who Garth Brooks was, and started buying CDs. Everything was good until my country station was bought out by a company that owned the other country station in town and they changed the music they played. (Do y'all see a pattern here? If I like a station, their format will be changed.) I didn't care much for the other station, and while I listened occasionally, I slipped away from country. Then my 80s station came on the air and that was it.

So a couple of mornings now, as I've been trying to find some interest in getting out of bed, I've been hearing this song that I really like. I'll actually delay hitting the snooze until after it's over. I'm terrible at identifying who a certain singer is, I always have been. I still can't tell who's singing what part in the Garth Brooks/Chris LaDoux duet "Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy." My friends laugh at me, but my ear just isn't good enough. The song I like came on again this morning and I finally did a search. I just had to laugh when I discovered that Garth Brooks sings "Good ride, Cowboy." I didn't even know he had a new CD out, and that man is going to drag me back into country music. LOL!

Anyway, I've been working on revisions, did a fair amount of cutting and plan to do more today. This is the really unglamorous part of writing, not that any of the process is easy or necessarily fun, but this is the part that's probably my least favorite. It's hard work, and fairly left-brained activity. At least I have my cover to look at for encouragement. :-)