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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Shoulda Known Better

Last night, I was tired. Really tired. But it was too early to go to bed, so when I saw this link to The Top Ten Free Time Wasting Sites on the Internet, I checked it out.

The first game I visited was called Falling Sand. No instructions on the site, but there were links to some brief, and I do mean brief, tips on how to play. I found this mildly amusing, but not particularly addictive.

Next up was a site called Not Pr0n with layers of a puzzle you have to work your way through. Again, no real instructions and I quickly grew frustrated. Patience in things like this is not one of my strengths.

So far so good. Two time wasters, and neither particularly held my interest. But it was still too early to go to bed, so I clicked over to the next site. Samorost 1 also has no instructions (what is it with this? Just tell me what to do.) But I was able to figure this one out, and I did find it entertaining. It's clicking. I can click. :-) It wouldn't have taken so long to play if I had high speed internet. A lot of my time was spent waiting for the next level to load.

I found this enough fun that instead of going to bed when finished, I went on to Samorost 2 and played that. (Well, if you know something is labeled 1, there's gotta be a 2.) How could I go to bed without rescuing the gnome's dog, right?

I really should have known better. Seriously. I've been through this before several times. And I was tired. I needed to sleep because I knew we were supposed to have rain and sleet overnight and I was going to need to get moving early this morning.

But my story of staying up late doesn't end here. While I was waiting for Samorost 2 to load, I pulled up my new WIP and started rereading the proposal. It was after 10pm when I got the dog safely out of the enemy's clutches, but now I was interested in my story. I kept reading. I remembered how much I loved this book and its characters. I got excited that I get to work on this next. And I kept reading. And reading. I finally ran out of story at 11:50 pm. Did I mention I have to get up at 4am for the day job?

I made my coffee strong this morning. Strong enough that the spoon nearly stood up in the cup. I seriously need to start buying lottery tickets.