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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Spam Explosion

I've been spoiled. My ISP has had this fabulous spam filter in place. It almost never made a mistake, so all my legitimate email made it through, and all the spam was trapped. Because of a bad experience with my old ISP trapping good email, I'm pretty diligent about checking the spam folder, but I could trust my new provider, and all was good.

Until about 10 days ago. The spammers must have figured a way around the filter because I've been hit by an explosion of spam--relatively speaking. At first, I was just deleting it off the server without opening it. Then I started reporting it to the ISP with the hope that they'd retrain the filter. Yesterday, I'd had enough and set up one of my accounts--the one receiving the most crap--to only allow people in my address book through. All other mail would be held in a suspect mail folder. This isn't my primary email account so I was getting more spam on it than real email.

Ah, relief. For all of one day. This morning, the evil spammers have picked up the pace on my main email account. I don't like it. And I'm back to reporting each note to my ISP. I'm going to get their damn filter trained yet--I'll just be irritated while doing it.

The writing went well yesterday for the first time since I started this book. Hurrah! I managed to write a couple of pages during lunch, but it really helped that my two exceedingly loud neighbors were gone for most of that time frame. Wow, was the silence ever nice. I didn't have to wear the big, heavy headset that the ramp guys wear. :-) Now I'm hoping that the conference room is open during lunch today.