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Monday, January 23, 2006

There's This Corner...

I've been watching a lot of HGTV the past few months. I know why--it's because I'm building a house--but there are some interesting shows on there. I just wish I was half as talented as some of these people. Give them a staple gun and some fabric, and they can create a throne. Me? Well, let's just say a staple gun would probably mean a trip to the ER. I was born craft-challenged.

Okay, I was born an impatient perfectionist. I want to do the project professionally the first time around, and I know it takes practice. I'm just not willing to put it in.

I have no interest in the outdoor shows on HGTV. My whole motto for the outside is "Maintenance Free." Or at least as free as it can get. I actively loathe yard work, which is probably a direct result of growing up with gardens big enough to feed a small third world country. Do you know how much time it takes to weed something that large??? Now when I'm outside, I prefer a lounge chair and a book.

HGTV, though, has plenty to keep me interested. I like House Hunters (title is self-explanatory) and Designed to Sell. This last show, they redo the house on a $2000 budget to help sell the house fast and for more money. Oh, and Double Take, where they make over a room in someone's house to look just like a picture of a designer room in a magazine. The only thing that's annoying about this show is they have this design magazine woman and this design guy saying the same basic stuff each episode: they'll never pull it off and if they fail the home owner is going to be so disappointed. Things like this. Otherwise, it's cool to see how they can duplicate the general look for so much less money.

None of these shows, though, have addressed the design problem I'm facing in my new house--the corner behind the kitchen sink.

It's dead space. The kitchen sink is set in on an angle so there's this triangle of space between it and the kitchen windows. Not only is it kind of a useless space, it's amplified by the fact that I can't even reach all the way back there. Here's the corner I'm talking about:

So what do I put in that deep corner? I'm totally open to suggestions.