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Monday, February 27, 2006

After the Book: Ravyn's Flight

I always get stuff after the close of the book. Sometimes a lot, sometimes just a little, but there's always something. I like having these little scenes pop into my head. My favorite part about writing is the characters and it's always nice to see what's going on with them in the future. This is a very limited feature given that I only have three books published with a fourth coming in August.

WARNING: There might be spoilers. I'll try to avoid them, but I can't promise, so if you're someone who doesn't like to know anything ahead of time, stop reading here. (Not just spoilers for Ravyn's Flight, but possible spoilers for Eternal Nights as well.)

Ravyn's Flight was my first published novel and far different for me than any book I've written before or since because of how it dominated me. For more than 18 months, I rarely had a thought that didn't involve this book. I fell asleep thinking of scenes in their story, and woke up thinking about scenes. I was consumed by it, which is why I refer to RF as the book of my heart.

In a way, I miss being so tied up by a book that nothing else occupies my thoughts. On the other hand, that kind of obsession can't be normal and when Ravyn and Damon left, it was like my best friends had moved across the country. I could still keep in touch with them, but it would never be the same as being roommates. :-) It works, I guess, because I have so many new characters who come in and take center stage. It would drive me insane if the old characters didn't bow out when their time was finished. I miss them like crazy for a while, but with the new couple to focus on, I get over it.

So what happened to Ravyn and Damon after the close of RF?

TBH, I've forgotten a lot of the details now. It was 2002 when they left me, and while they showed up for the spin off, Eternal Nights, they weren't talking to me the way they did when I wrote their book.

I can tell you that Ravyn and Damon have three boys. Ravyn is very comfortable around males, especially the intense variety like her husband, brother and her oldest son, so being the only female in her household never fazed her. She actually feels rather lost when she babysits her niece because she totally doesn't get all the girly stuff. Ravyn was a tomboy growing up.

Damon does get out of the army--eventually. He still hasn't been allowed to resign his commission at the time EN takes place. They settle on Earth and he does get his foundation for wounded veterans up and running. He never does become all that close to his family because they just are too different, but he does maintain a relationship with them.

That's about all I remember.