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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Cell Phone Story

Overslept this morning. Argh!

Yesterday had kind of a weird thing happen. When I was leaving work and on the on ramp to the freeway, someone starts honking and honking at me. I didn't stop because you never know who's in the other car, but it freaked me out. I kept thinking something was wrong with my SUV, but nothing felt wrong, and I thought for someone to notice it from their vehicle, it to be a visible thing, like a flat or something.

So when I got home, the first thing I did was go around to the back end of the truck to take a look. You'll never guess what I saw.

A cell phone.

I have a little ledge on my bumper and sitting there undisturbed was my dad's cell phone in its case. I drove to work with it on there. I drove home from work with it still there and I drive fast!

My dad must have put it down on my bumper when we were over at my new house and forgotten about it. He is so lucky that he put it down somewhere that the phone was protected from wind friction. And since I drive around 75mph, there would have been plenty of that.

I nearly opened my back hatch when I left work yesterday too! I took 3 boxes home from work and was going to toss them in the way back, but decided to just stick them in the back seat instead.

I'd bought my dad and mom a new cell phone for Christmas (10 days ago (blush)), but I hadn't set it up for him yet. I did that yesterday afternoon. Let's hope he can keep better track of his new phone than he did of his old one.

In house news, I got a 4th roll of window film to complete my pattern and finished my bathroom window last night. It doesn't look as pretty as it would if someone with more practice had done it, but it looked okay. If I can remember to bring a camera with me, I'll take a picture to post here. From a distance, it looks good. :-/

Not much else going on, although Ryne is talking to me again (the heroine from the WIP) and I'm glad to have her. It should be easier to pull my head out of Eternal Nights now that I'm hearing the characters from the new book more clearly.