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Friday, February 17, 2006

Decorating Suggestions Needed

I have this space above my kitchen cabinets and something should go there, right? I don't want to put plants up there--silk or live--because it would be too big a pain to water them or to get the dust off the fake ones. I have some silk flowers, and even with that spray stuff to de-dust them, it's a huge pain to keep them clean. I thought about putting some glass vases up there or different shaped glass bottles or pieces or something, but I realized I run into the same dust issue.

Of course, everything is going to run into the dust issue.

My inclination is to put nothing up there so I can dust quickly and easily with one of those extension handle dust things. (That must be the technical term for them. ;-) My mom is pretty insistent that I put something up there, and I guess she's right since I should take advantage of the vaulted ceilings.

Here's my question. What is the easiest thing to put up there that would require the least amount of work on my part to keep clean?


Blogger was down this morning when I tried to post originally. It's been down a lot lately. I suppose I can't complain since it's free and there are a lot of bloggers out there to weigh down the system, but I get frustrated with the frequent outages. I've considered moving the blog to my website, but I really don't want to. It's just easier over here.


Revisions went along fairly well yesterday, although I did run into something that stopped me cold for a while. I finally discussed it with one of my writing buddies and came to a conclusion of sorts, so I expect to tool along today. I also plan to lock myself in the new house again on Saturday, only this time, I think I'm bringing along a CD player and some instrumental music. It was so empty and quiet in the house that I think that made it hard to work. Hopefully, music will alleviate that. Goal is to finish revisions on Saturday and spend Sunday organizing everything to return it to my editor.


I'm supposed to call today and see if my new glasses have arrived yet. Keep your fingers crossed, y'all. I can't wear my contacts all the time and the Harry Carey glasses are driving me nuts! I might have to get a backup pair of glasses later on so that I never have to go through this again.

Our snow storm totally fizzled. Hurrah! We maybe got a dusting in the metro area, but it's frigid right now. This morning, it was 2 degrees with a wind chill in the minus 20 range. You knew I couldn't skip reporting the weather when it's this brutal.

The friend I'm rooming with at RWA National in Atlanta booked our hotel room last night, so now I need to get moving and actually register for the conference. It's hard to get motivated when that's not till July. I'm still not registered for the RT Booklovers' conference in May down in Daytona Beach! I'll get around to it.

Yesterday the new manager for my department was announced. He's someone I don't know, but reports are that he's nice. He'll be transitioning over the next 2-3 weeks, so I guess I'll be finding out firsthand shortly.