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Monday, February 20, 2006

Grumble, Grump, Mornings, Grumble

Tired. I emailed my revisions in shortly before 10pm last night, and before I could logoff and go to bed, ice dancing started at the Olympics. I had to watch ice dancing, right?

Let me grump about NBC's coverage of the Olympics. This happens once every four years, so what did they show Sunday afternoon? Some car race. I know I'm in the minority, but I've always found car racing to be pointless. They're driving in a circle. Geez, I might as well watch paint dry. But CNBC and MSNBC were supposed to have coverage. Yeah, hockey, which I had no real interest in watching and curling. Is curling really a sport? That's even more boring than car racing. Ugh!

My other beef is they have a time difference in Italy. Why couldn't they show the final group of ice dancers before 10pm last night? Anyway, it just seems like Olympic coverage gets worse and worse every time they air it.

On to writing. My friend had some changes she thought I should make to the chapters she read. Most were very minor, a few a bit more work than that, but nothing hideous. So with everything ready to go, I started trying to get everything ready to email. It ended up being a lesson in logistics that left me scratching my head. In some chapters, particularly the early ones, I did so much cutting, that the page numbers changed a lot. Trying to figure out which pages I needed to send left me scratching my head. I blame it on revisions wearing out my brain. ;-) I hope I sent the pages I needed to, but I guess I'll find out.

I also hauled some boxes over to the house on Sunday. Four boxes for the bathroom and 10 boxes of books. I have to confess that it sure seemed like I brought over A LOT of books, but when they were piled in the garage, it looked pathetic. This book moving is going to be worse than I imagined.

The stuff for the bathroom is put away, although some of it needs reorganization. I didn't even come close to filling my cabinet which is way cool! I'm actually going to have a bathroom where I can put everything away and out of sight. WOW! Before this, all my shelves were open, so things were in plain view, and I didn't have enough room, so some of it was piled on the top of a bookcase.

Very tired this morning. I think I had less than 4 hours of sleep. First, ice dancing, then I my head and jaw were tight from when I worked on revisions and even with advil, it took a while to relax, then I had dreams that kept waking me up. Since I don't have to haul a hard copy of my monster manuscript to work today, I can bring my MP3 player again. I plan to put on my noise canceling headphones and ignore Mr. Congeniality who'll probably ask something about my moving again. Let me know if you can hear my shriek where you're at. ;-)