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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Heavy, Man

After two days of working on it, I believe I have the stuff about the selenite crystal edited so that it works. This involved something like 5 chapters, or maybe it was 4 (I can't remember right now), and seemed to take forever. I really didn't think it would take up this much time to get this in there and smoothed out.

I'm about half way now. I've been carting the entire 460 pages plus notes back and forth to work with me, but last night I decided there was no point to it when I really only have time to work on one chapter during my lunch. It's amazing how heavy my tote bag gets with the mss in it, and since I'm carting boxes home from work so I can pack things for my move, it will be really nice to have the lighter weight. Editors must be stronger than they look. ;-)

My laser printer arrived yesterday! It's my very first laser and I'm all excited about hooking it up, which I figure I won't do until I move. It really doesn't make sense to unpack it, hook it up, then unhook it, repack it and move it, but I want to play with my new toy. This will be so nice! I spent the extra money for the 500 sheet paper tray, which I know I'm going to love when I have to print out a 460 page manuscript. :-) No more having to constantly reload paper. I can just hit print and walk away. Oooh, I can't wait till I finish my next book so I can do this!

From heavy revision to heavy manuscripts to heavy computer equipment (okay, so I don't know if it's heavy or not. The boxes are bulky, though) to close with heavy weather. Snow today. Not much for the Twin Cities from what the weather folks say (thank you!), but to our south, they're supposed to get about a foot. They were saying on the news last night that we have not had one storm since 2000 that deposited a foot or more of snow in the Twin Cities which almost had me happy dog dancing. :-)

One of my writing buddies sent back some tweaks to one of the 3 chapters I sent her last night, and I'm going to fiddle a little bit before I have to logoff.