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Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's a Wrap

I heard from my editor yesterday. Eternal Nights is finished! Yea! That means I don't have to hold the characters in my head any longer and can fully embrace Deke and Ryne from the WIP. It'll make things much easier for me.

Speaking of characters, I've been wondering if anyone is interested in an "after the book" kind of thing? I get snippets on the characters after the happily ever after. The only people who ever get to hear about it is my writing buddies, but I started thinking maybe readers would be interested as well. Or maybe not. Then there's the timing issue. When is something information versus a spoiler? Anyway, I've been mulling this over since I had a nice mini-scene of Wyatt and Kendall in the future.

My dad finished putting together the first bookcase while I was at work yesterday and we worked on the second one last night. It's finished too. The only thing left to do is anchor both cases to the wall so they're stable. The kit actually includes a strap to do this, so it's necessary. Plus, I'll feel more comfortable if I know a bookcase isn't going to fall on me or my computer. :-)

I have some window film for my master bathroom window, a really cute bamboo pattern, but I need another roll. I thought two would be enough, but because of the pattern it won't be. After I get my haircut, I'm going to swing by Home Depot and pick up another roll and some other stuff I need.