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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lazy Morning

I'm having a lazy morning so far, although I do need to get moving soon. I pretty much am finished with the revising part of my revisions, now I just have to work on preparing it so that it can be emailed back to my editor. This will be very time consuming and extra icky because my ed wants a sum up of what changed. I haven't kept track of anything, but I'll just do a document comparison and it'll show everything.

Yesterday's trip to Target got long. I don't do crowds well and it was very crowded by 10:30 when I left. However, to my stash of stuff I added a gorgeous bright pink vase. It's very tall and I bought it to go on the floor in the great room. I brought it over there already and it looks fab! Now all I need is some kind of tall, bright and colorful flower to pop in there. Maybe I'll surf over to Michael's and see what they have.

Other finds include a shredder, some 3M hooks for the walls, a welcome mat, a shower caddy, and I finally bought my parents a Christmas present. I know, I know. I was so bad this year--oops, I guess that would be last year. I bought them a new Trac Phone. That's one of those prepaid deals. They already have one, but it doesn't work and this phone is an upgrade. It's small, cute and it has a color screen. Now I just need to set it up for them and they'll be good to go. My dad couldn't call my mom from a few miles away with the old phone so this will be a big improvement.

Once I email these changes to my editor, I get to focus on moving. The logistics are scary. Just my books alone are going to require a substantial investment of time and energy. Makes me wish I'd bought a few less. Or at least picked up fewer free books at conferences. The rest of it? Well, I don't want to think about it.