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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Making a List

Revisions have been going darn well. :-) I'm almost done, although I do have to go back and do a little adding. I have a lot of notes that start with the phrase: Go Back. So I'll finish one this run through the chapters and then do another quick fly through to address the things I missed. Barring unforeseen complications, I should finish today as I'd planned and have all day tomorrow to do the organization stuff that it'll take to email the pages I changed back to my editor.

My plan for the day starts off with a quick trip to Target. I have a list of things I need for the house, although I don't know if I'll get them all today or not. Then I'll come home, check email, and head over to the new house to finish revisions. This time I'm bringing a CD player and some music over too so that it's not so blasted quiet in there. I'm thinking soundtracks without words, like Braveheart. :-)

My glasses did arrive yesterday. It's nice to be have my current prescription because I was able to work for hours without getting a headache from my old out-of-date glasses, or dry eyes from my contacts. These glasses are even smaller than my previous (broken) pair, which after a week using the Harry Carey glasses, I'm thrilled about.

I'm already starting to plan out everything I need to do after I email my revisions. With another book due June 30th, I'm going to have to move into the new house (and set things up) fast. I also am in desperate need of a haircut. People are starting to ask me if I'm growing it out. I have to keep saying that I've just been too busy to get it cut. I also want to hit the thrift stores looking for a few things. I need a coffee table for the great room, but I haven't seen anything I love yet.

Weather is still icky. It's -12 degrees here, but fortunately, the winds have died down so it's only -26 with the wind chill.